Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

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InvisibleCRM Joins the Microsoft Partner Program

InvisibleCRM Joins the Microsoft Partner Program

SAN FRANCISCO--InvisibleCRM, a technology provider of applications designed to increase user adoption and ROI of enterprise systems, has become an ISV partner in the Microsoft Partner Program.

Participation in the Microsoft Partner Program, which targets software companies offering technology solutions on the Microsoft platform or which use Microsoft products and technologies, requires both independent verification of the products and successful implementation in joint customers. InvisibleCRM is recognized as an expert for its deep expertise in desktop integration, which the company has accumulated over the past two years. This level of partnership is a key milestone for a company with a clear innovative approach to software development such as InvisibleCRM.

Launched in 2005, InvisibleCRM has developed an ecosystem of revolutionary products, designed to bridge the gap between corporate applications and user-friendly environments Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Windows. Most notably, InvisibleCRM has engineered and delivered integration solutions for Salesforce.com, Amdocs, EMC Documentum and Pivotal.

Microsoft has recognized the value of InvisibleCRM technology and its impact on the new generation of CRM integration tools working together with Microsoft Office. As an ISV partner in the Microsoft Partner Program, InvisibleCRM receives additional technical resources that will bring the InvisibleCRMs integration technology to the next level and will help InvisibleCRM leverage Microsoft expertise and its most important recent achievements, including Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system.

"Leveraging Microsoft products and technologies, InvisibleCRM was able to create a unique line of products that allows business applications to effectively display and update their data in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows," said Aleksey Savateyev, Program Manager, Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism.

InvisibleCRM is delighted and honoured to be an ISV partner in the Microsoft Partner Program, said Vlad Voskresensky, the CEO of InvisibleCRM. InvisibleCRM aims to use its participation in the Microsoft Partner Program to broaden its development opportunities in the area of IT solutions, he added.

About the Microsoft Partner Program

Microsofts Partner Program is designed to align each partners focus, recognize the impact of partners relationships with customers and provide increased value for their investments in Microsoft. Through the Partner Points and Microsoft Solution Competencies, partners can recognize a deeper relationship with Microsoft that will empower them to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. For more information on Microsofts ISV/Software Solutions Competency, visit:

https://partner.microsoft.com/global/program/competencies/ isvsolutions

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About InvisibleCRM

InvisibleCRM, named as a Cool Vendor by Gartner, is a technology provider of tools engineered to increase user adoption and ROI of enterprise applications. InvisibleCRM was launched in 2005, and in just one year, it invented and turned into reality an ecosystem of revolutionary products, entered into partnership agreements with a number of leading business application vendors and gained significant traction with its users and analysts.

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