Thursday, 5th March 2015

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Sales Simplicity Goes Mobile To Take Its Award-Winning CRM Functionality to Any Web-Enabled Mobile Device or Smart Phone

With "Mobile Apps," Sales Simplicity Users Can Access Customer Data, View Option Selections, View Offers, Create Counter-Offers, View Margins & Markups, and Even Approve Contracts From Any Web-Enabled Mobile Device

CHANDLER, Ariz.--Sales Simplicity Software, the widely acknowledged leader in sales automation, CRM, and eMarketing for the builder, developer, and senior-living sectors, announced today that it has “gone mobile,” by releasing “Mobile Apps” that make Sales Simplicity’s award-winning CRM functionality available on any Web-enabled mobile device, mobile phone, or smart phone, including BlackBerrys®, iPhones, and Google's Android phones.

With Sales Simplicity’s new “Mobile Apps,” users can now access customer data, view option selections, view offers, create counter-offers, view margin & markup data, and even approve contracts right from their mobile devices.

Sales Simplicity’s new “Mobile Apps” essentially extend to web-enabled mobile devices and smart phones the features and functionality that users now access with such ease through Sales Simplicity’s core application, which itself is streamed at high speeds over the web.

Accessing the new Sales Simplicity mobile application is easy. Users can now receive a "mobile" hyperlink in their email alerts, which takes them directly to a new contract's selection information. By just clicking a tab in Sales Simplicity (which now bundles all its users’ web-based applications onto a single tab-based “dashboard screen”) managers can view margins and approve contracts from anywhere, at any time, even on the road, over the weekend, or on the golf course.

“For any leading-edge CRM system, you can’t be taken seriously if you don’t have a strong set of mobile features,” said Barry Forbes, Sales Simplicity’s President. “Today, Sales Simplicity is the only builder, developer, and senior-living-focused CRM with these mobile features. What’s more, the new functionality is just one offering in a series of new offerings we have rolled out in 2009. We expect that pace of development to continue in 2010.”

"Mobile Apps" is a direct response to Sales Simplicity's 255 valued corporate clients, who requested functionality that would allow data lookup and approvals any time, any place.

About Sales Simplicity

Sales Simplicity Software, Inc., based in Chandler, Arizona, is the creator and marketer of leading sales automation, CRM, eMarketing and eLead management tools for new single-family, semi-custom and custom homes; condo, multi-family and senior living builders; developers and new-home realtors; and, apartment sales and rental agents.

For more information about Sales Simplicity, call (480) 892-2500 or visit or

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