Thursday, 5th March 2015

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Eric Hinkle Joins iMagicLab DealerCRM Management Team

Eric Hinkle Joins iMagicLab DealerCRM Management Team

Former VINStickers Founder and CEO to become Vice President of Inventory Services

OWINGS MILLS, Md.--iMagicLab the nations fastest growing CRM, Internet sales and Inventory software system for automobile dealers, is pleased to announce that Eric Hinkle has joined the firm as its new Vice President of Inventory Services.

Hinkle comes to iMagicLab to solidify the firm's already strong automobile dealer inventory solutions and to create an "on the lot" services unit. Hinkle will report directly to iMagicLab CEO Richard Keith Latman and be based out of the firm's new Kansas City office.

After attending Ottawa University and The University of Kansas School of Business, Hinkle learned management and leadership by working as an Account Manager and Regional Vice President with Auto Trader Publishing and; divisions of Cox Communications.

In 2001, Hinkle became Executive Vice President of Boston-based ESP Data Solutions where he became a shareholder and member of its Board of Directors. In late 2002 and until fall 2007, Hinkle helped create VINStickers (now VINSolutions), a nationwide auto dealer inventory marketing company where he served as its CEO, President and Chairman of their Board of Directors.

"I have to be honest that, even though iMagicLab was a tough competitor, I could never imagine that I would be working here. It was pure fate that I saw Keith Latman walking down the aisle at NADA 2008 and we had the opportunity to chat. I dont think we spoke more than 20 words before I was on a plane to their Corporate Centre to see what iMagicLab was all about," said Mr. Hinkle. "Once in Maryland I was absolutely taken aback at the depth of the iMagicLab DealerCRM suite and how close they were to the full vision of a single solution for car dealers across all departments. I really had no idea they were this advanced and the opportunity to be part of something great was just too compelling to pass up."

"Inventory is a critical part of any car dealership and Eric Hinkle is a proven expert in that area. He's built a company from scratch into a regional player in that sector, been involved early with two other national brands and is an innovative thinker and manager. I believe that Eric will make an immediate difference here and that our customers will sell more cars because of his leadership and industry knowledge," said Richard Keith Latman, Chief Executive Officer of iMagicLab. "I am thrilled to be able to have Eric running point on our new Inventory Services unit and look forward to great things ahead."

About iMagicLab

iMagicLab is the fastest growing customer relationship management software company aimed at the expansive automobile retailing marketplace and is an approved solution for most of the major automobile manufacturers in the United States. The company creates customer relationship software, internet lead management solutions, inventory management systems, service retention, lead generation, websites, DeskLog, AutoPencil and eBay auction services specifically for the automobile retailing industry.

Visit the companys Web site at for further information on iMagicLab or contact Richard Keith Latman at 888-304-2525 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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